Western Washington University
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Anth 365 Peoples of Latin America
Ethnographic survey of the peoples and cultures.

Anth 481/581 Childhood and Culture
The process of socialization or enculturation viewed from a cross-cultural perspective.

Anth 484 Senior Portfolio
Comparative and anthropological study of educational issues. Examines learning in other cultures, home-school linkages, minority student achievement and multi-cultural curricula.

Anth 490 Sex Work and Intimacy – Sr. Seminar
Capstone seminar in anthropology. Topics vary, emphasis is on current research questions in anthropology. Students write a research proposal, conduct a research project and present the findings. Repeatable to a maximum of 10 credits.

Anth 496 Senior Portfolio
Student assembles and submits portfolio contents in four areas: research, competence, data analysis, critical comprehension and synthetic comparison, under continuing direction of departmental academic adviser. S/U grading.