Dr. James Loucky


Department of Anthropology
Western Washington University
Bellingham, Washington 98225-9083
360/650-3615; 650-7668 fax

Teaching and Professional Experience

2000 – Present  Professor, Department of Anthropology, Western Washington University
2006 – 2007  Distinguished Teaching Colleague, Fairhaven College
1993-2000  Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, Western Washington University
1994-1997  Director, Center for International Studies & Programs, Western Washington University
1989-1993  Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, Western Washington University
1988-1989  Post-doctoral researcher, Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences, UCLA
1986-1989  Lecturer, Graduate School of Education, and Council on Educational Development, University of California, Los Angeles
1986-1989  Executive Director, IXIM:  Integration of Indigenous Maya, Los Angeles
1988  Lecturer, Social Sciences, University of California, Irvine
1987-88  Instructor, Immaculate Heart College Center, Los Angeles
1981-84  Staff Research Associate, School of Medicine, University of California, Los Angeles, and Dept. of Community and Family Medicine, University of California, San Diego
1979-1981  Research Associate, Juarez and Associates, Los Angeles


1988  Ph.D., Anthropology; University of California, Los Angeles
1975  M.A., Anthropology; University of California, Los Angeles
1973  B.A., Anthropology; Haverford College, major at Bryn Mawr College

Teaching and Research Interests

Latin American issues
Intercultural education
World migration
Human rights & humane borders
Climate responsibility
Child and community well being

Research Settings

North American and world border regions: transboundary policy research relating to sustainability, equitable communities, and humane migration and border policies

Guatemala:  indigenous responses to globalization, rural economic strategies, changing socialization and roles of children, legacies of exploitation, Maya migration

Immigrant America:  changing dynamics of immigrant community development, diaspora politics; family functioning, educational goals, and ethnic identity; legacies of solidarity/sanctuary; Los Angeles

Grants, Awards and Consulting

1985-2016  Consultant on immigration, diversity and human rights issues:  for attorneys, immigration and juvenile courts, media, school districts

1994-2015  Sabbatical awards, Western Washington U: 1994, 1997, 1999, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2012, 2015

2012  Philip E. Sharpe, Jr, Community Engagement Award, Western Washington University

2011  Association for Canadian Studies in the United States.  Fund for the Arts, cultural exchange.

1990-2015  Bureau for Faculty Research, Western Washington University:  14 research awards

2006  Spatial Analysis in Social Science Curriculum, NSF Summer Workshop, UC-Santa Barbara

1996-2001  Project director: “Environment Has No Borders:  U.S.-Canada-Mexico Trilateral Exchange”, U.S. Department of State, University Affiliations Program

2001  Alberta Summer Research Institute, sponsored by Province of Alberta and Gov. of Canada

1998-2000  Project director: “Assessing International Education at Western Washington University”, Association of International Educational Administrators

1999  Fulbright Scholar Award:  Universidad Nacional de Salta, Argentina

1995 Fulbright Scholar Award:  South America Today – Argentina, Brazil, Peru

1991-1995 Asylum Officers Training, Immigration and Naturalization Service:  facilitated cross-cultural communication workshops in Washington DC, California, New Mexico

1994 Fulbright-Canada and Fulbright-Mexico, “Border Demographics and Regional Interdependency” – grantee

1994  “Leadership and Identity,” Newberry Library, Chicago – seminar participant

1993  Summer Institute in Comparative Anthropological Research, National Science Foundation and University of California at Irvine – seminar participant

1991-1993  National Endowment for the Humanities, “Indians and Europeans in the Americas,” Columbian Quincentennial Series – co-grantee

1990-1991  University of California, Pacific Rim Research Program: “The Flow of Trade, Capital, and Labor in the Pacific Rim Garment Industry” – co-grantee

1989-1990  Department of Labor: contract researcher on impacts of U.S. immigration laws on labor relations and working conditions in several Los Angeles industries

1988-1989  National Institute for Child Health and Human Development, Post-Doctoral Fellowship

1986-1989  Central American immigrant agencies in Los Angeles:  consultant on needs assessments, human rights documentation, cultural resource management

1986-1987 Cultural Affairs Department, City of Los Angeles:  contract fieldworker on new Latin American immigrants

1985 Food Policy and Nutrition Division, Food and Agricultural Organization, United Nations, Rome:  consultant on energy expenditure and caloric needs of Latin American children

1981-1984  U.S.-Mexico border:  ethnographic research on educational practices of Mexican-origin families, home-school linkages, community-based child health and educational curriculum

1979-1981  New York City and Corona, California:  longitudinal ethnographic study and multivariate assessment of bilingual-multicultural Head Start models

1978-1980  National Science Foundation, Research Fellowship

1977  American Ethnological Society, Elsie Clews Parsons Award

  • National Institute of Mental Health, Research and Training Fellowship

Publications    *Refereed  **Invited

Books and Monographs 

n.d.  Maya America: Transcultural Dynamies and Intergenerational Realities. (under review)

2012*  Ho, C. G. T., and Loucky, J. Humane Migration: Establishing Legitimacy and Rights for Displaced People. Sterling, VA: Kumarian/Lynne Reinner.

2008*  Loucky, J., Alper, D. K., and Day, J. C. eds. Transboundary Policy Challenges in the Pacific Border Regions of North America. Calgary: University of Calgary Press.

2006  James Loucky, Jeanne Armstrong, Lawrence Estrada, eds. Immigration in America Today: An Encyclopedia. Westport CN: Greenwood.  (author of entries on: adoption, emigration, employer sanctions, expedited entry and removal, families, food, global origins – Latin America & the Caribbean, human smuggling, informal economy, international accords, racism, religion, temporary protected status, U.S.-Canada border, work)

2003*   J.G. Nelson, J.C. Day, Lucy Sportza, James Loucky, Carlos Israel Vasquez, eds. Protected Areas and the Regional Planning Imperative in North America. Calgary: University of Calgary Press.

2000*  James Loucky and Marilyn Moors, eds. Maya Diaspora: Guatemalan Roots, New American LivesPhiladelphia: Temple University Press.

1988  Children’s Work and Family Survival in Highland Guatemala.  UCI Microfilms.

1981 James Loucky and Margo Hurwicz, eds. Mayan Studies: The Midwestern Highlands of Guatemala. Anthropology UCLA 11. Los Angeles: University of California.

1979  Christine Ho and James Loucky, eds. Urban Diversity: Anthropological Research in Los Angeles. Anthropology UCLA 9. Los Angeles: University of California.

1976   James Loucky and J. Jones, eds. Paths to the Symbolic Self: Essays in Honor of Walter Goldschmidt. Anthropology UCLA 8. Los Angeles: University of California.

Book Chapters

2014*  (with Heyman, J., and Fischer, N). Immigrants and immigration. In The Routledge Companion to Alternative Organization. M. Parker, G. Cheney, V. Fournier and C. Land, eds. Pp. 135-150. New York: Routledge.

2013*  Indigenous Migrations: The Emergence of Maya America. In The Encyclopedia of Global Human Migration. Immanuel Ness, ed. Blackwell.

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2008*  Loucky, J., and Alper, D. K. Pacific borders, discordant borders: where North American edges together. In Transboundary Policy Challenges in the Pacific Border Regions of North America. Pp. 11-37. Loucky, J., Alper, D. K., and Day, C. J., eds. Calgary: University of Calgary Press.

2008*  Cristobal Mendoza and James Loucky. Recent trends in Mexico-U.S. Border demographics. In Transboundary Policy Challenges in the Pacific Border Regions of North America. Loucky, J., Alper, D. K., and Day, C. J., eds. Pp. 39-61. Calgary: University of Calgary Press.

2005*  Vecinos distantes, relacion inevitable:  Las fronteras norteamericanas analizadas desde una perspectiva comparativa. In Fronteras de America del Norte. Alejandro Mercado Celis y Elizabeth Gutierrez Romero, eds. Pp. 97-113. Mexico: Center for Research on North America, National University of Mexico.

2003*  J.G. Nelson, J.C. Day, L.M. Sportza, J. Loucky, and C. Vasquez, eds. Overview. In Protected Areas and the Regional Planning Imperative in North America. J.G. Nelson, et al., eds. Pp. 1-21. University of Calgary Press.

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Technical Reports & Application Oriented Articles for Specific Audiences

2016  In Memoriam – Marilyn Moors. Anthropology Newsletter. Sept.

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2011  In Memoriam:  Walter R. Goldschmidt, 1913-2010. Anthropology Newsletter. April. P. 24.

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Invited Presentations

2016  “Global Citizenship and Engagement in the 21st Century.” Ralph Munro Institute for Civic Education, Western Washington University.

2016  “Challenging the Inhumanities of Detention and Deportation.” Roundtable Co-organizer and Presenter, Society for Applied Anthropology, Vancouver, BC.

2016  “Ecocultural Wellbeing.” Roundtable Organizer and Presenter, Society for Applied Anthropology, Vancouver, BC.

2016  “Asylum Seeking Crisis.” Society for Applied Anthropology, Vancouver, BC.

2015  “Transnational Realities and Prospects for Maya-American Communities in the United States.” Ethnicity, Race, and Indigenous Peoples Conference. Richmond, VA.

2015  “Border Policy Trends in North America.” Association for Borderlands Studies, Portland OR.

2014  “Ecopolitical and Intergenerational Dynamics of Mesoamerican Migration.” Encuentro binacional de investigadores en antropología y estudios socioculturales aplicados. Ensenada, Mexico.

2014  “Vanishing Ice, Shifting Futures:  Himalayan Harbinger of a Harsher World.” Society for Applied Anthropology, Albuquerque.

2014  “A Higher Calling in Higher Education: Prioritizing Planet and Posterity.”  Washington Higher Education Sustainability Conference, Bellingham.

2014  “Service Learning: Collaboration with External Partners.”  Washington Higher Education Sustainability Conference, Bellingham.

2014  “Water and Wellbeing: Himalayas as Harbinger of a Changing Planet.” City of Bellingham and Whatcom Museum,Vanishing Ice Exhibit.

2014   “Clergy and Solidarity.”  Archiving the Central American Revolutions Conference.  University of Texas, Austin.

2013  “Help Wanted, Keep Out: Criminalizing Migration.” Tangled Web: Mass Incarceration and Alternative Futures. Conference at Western Washington University.

2013  “Effective Expertise amid Shifting Dimensions of Persecution and Politics of Asylum.” Society for Applied Anthropology, Denver.

2013  Mesoamerican Uprootings, Mayamerican Rerooting: Tracing the Destinies of Youth. Keynote address, Graduate School of Education and Information Sciences, UCLA.

2012  “Tourism and Development in the Himalaya,” World Issues Forum, WWU.

2012  Five invited presentations and participatory community dialogs in Maya communities in highland Guatemala (Nov-Dec)

2012  “Shifting Dimensions of Rights to Movement and Protection: Implications for Effective Attorney-Expert Asyum Casework.” Conable Conference in International Studies, Rochester Institute of Technology.

2012  Organizer, facilitator, and presenter, invited workshop on “Latin American Asylum Case Law and Expert Witness,” Latin American Studies Association, San Francisco.

2011  “Global Disruptions and the Right to Move.” Envisioning Immigration Reform: Views from Both Borders. Humanities Washington & Western Washington University, Community Forum, Bellingham.

2011  “People in Motion:  Toward Human Rights and Social Justice for Immigrant Populations.” Society for Applied Anthropology, Seattle.

2011  “Partnering with the Maya in Documentation and Community Development.” Society for Applied Anthropology, Seattle. (Symposium Organizer, Chair & Panelist)

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2008  “An Application of Life History and Parental Investment Theory to Settlement Decisions of Guatemalan Maya women in Los Angeles.” Barry Bogin, James Loucky, Joelma AlmeidaAmerican Association of Physical Anthropology, annual meeting, Columbus

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1999  “Fronteras en perspectiva comparativa” (Borders in Comparative Perspective). National University of Jujuy and University of Buenos Aires, Tilcara, Argentina

1999  “Globalización y consumismo:  Impactos y alternativas” (Impacts and Alternatives to Globalization and Consumerism).  Second University Environmental Conference, National University of Salta, Argentina

1999  Weekly commentary “Sobre globalización” (About Globalization), August-October, on Radio Dos (FM 93.1), Salta, Argentina

1999  “Antecedentes y símptomas de la ‘afluenza’ “(Antecedents and Symptoms of “Affluenza”); “La plasticidad y desarollo en el caso de jovenes inmigrantes” (Plasticity and Development of Immigrant Youth); “La migración y los impactos para la salud y familia” (Migration and its Implications for Health and Family); “El consumo y sus consecuencias” (Over-consumption and its Consequences).  Dept. of Food Sciences, Univ. de Entre Rios, Gualaguachú, Argentina

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1993  “Potentials and Pitfalls in Using Social Scientific Evidence in Refugee Law.” Conference on Documenting Persecution in an Era of Global Instability, Harvard Law School

  • “Transnational Aspects of Maya Cultural Ecology.” Chiapas Environmental Conference, San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico

Other invited presentations:  American Anthropological Association (1989, 1981, 1976), American Ethnological Society (1989, 1977), Association of Borderlands Scholars (1984), Association for Third World Studies (1993), International Congress of Anthropological & Ethnological Sciences (1983), Latin American Studies Assoc. (1992, 1988, 1985, 1983), Oral History Association (1985), Society for Applied Anthropology (1987, 1983, 1978)

Professional Service

Professional and Board Service

Since 2014  Board of Directors, Society for Applied Anthropology
Since 2015  Member, Tony Paredes Plenary Committee, Society for Applied Anthropology.
Since 2014  Member, Michael Kearney Memorial Lecture, Advisory Committee, Society for Applied Anthropology
Since 2012  Editorial Board:  Aldea Mundo (Univ. of San Cristobal, Venezuela)
Since 2011  Advisory Board, Maya Heritage Project
Since 2010  Board of Directors, Institute for Village Studies
Since 2006  Editorial Board:  Journal of Educational Controversies
Since 2006  Board of Directors, Pacific Northwest Consortium for the Study of Canada
Since 2001  Institutional Affiliate, Center for Comparative Immigration Studies, UC-San Diego
2010-2011  Annual Meeting, Program Committee Member, Society for Applied Anthropology

Editorial and External Review Service

1994-2016  Reviewer: American Anthropologist, Borderlands Studies, Ethnic Studies Review, Heritage Tourism, Human Organization, International Migration Review, Journal of Colonial Latin American History, Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology, Latin American Bureau, Longman Publishing, Migraciones Internacionales, New York University Press, North Carolina University Press, Social Problems, Temple University Press, University of Texas Press, Urban Anthropology

2007-2016  External Reviewer:  University of Connecticut School of Medicine; Huxley College of the Environment, WWU; Middle Tennessee State University (2007 & 2012); George Mason University; University of California, Los Angeles


2016  Co-organizer and Chair, “Homelessness and Dispossession.” Inaugural “Critical Conversation, Society for Applied Anthropology, Vancouver, BC.
2015  Society for Applied Anthropology, Discussant:  “Anthropologists as Expert Witnesses: Theory, Praxis and Ethics.”
2015  Society for Applied Anthropology, Workshop organizer/presenter:  “The Anthropology of Expert Witness”
2014   American Anthropological Association, Discussant:  “Negotiating Boundaries and Contesting Terrain: Anthropological Knowledge in Legal Settings”
2014  Washington Higher Education Sustainability Conference, Session organizer:  “A Higher Calling in Higher Education: Preparing Students for Posterity as a Species.”
2013  Society for Applied Anthropology, Session organizer/presenter:  “Engaged Research Partnership with the Maya”
2012  Latin American Studies Association, workshop organizer/presenter: “Latin American Asylum Case Law and Expert Witness”
2012  Society for Applied Anthropology, Session organizer/presenter/discussant:  “Anthropologists as Advocates for Immigrants and Refugees”
2011  Society for Applied Anthropology, Session co-organizer/panelist:  “Anthropology of the Institution: Learners as Agents of Change”
2010  Society for Applied Anthropology (Mérida), Session organizer/discussant: “The Disconnect Between Migrant Lived Experiences and Public Policy: Anthropological Contributions to Migration Reform”
2010   Society for Applied Anthropology, Workshop organizer/presenter: “Expert Witness in Political Asylum Cases”
2009   Latin American Studies Association, session chair: “Trends in Latin American Migration”
2008   Society for Human Ecology, Session Chair:  “Ethics and Justice”
2006   Latin American Studies Association, Discussant: “Recent Trends in Guatemalan Migration”

  • Society for Applied Anthropology, Session chair: “Community-Based Tourism, Society for Applied Anthropology

2003   Society for Applied Anthropology, Session organizer: “The Interface of Anthropology and Global Studies”
2002   National Association of Ethnic Studies, Discussant:  “Native American/First Nations’ Issues”
2002   Society for Applied Anthropology, Discussant: “Mexican & Central American Migration”
2001  Association of Borderlands Scholars, Panel organizer:  “Comparative Lessons from North American Pacific Borderlands”
2000  International Symposium on Society and Resource Management, Symposium organizer:  “North American Borders”
1998   Consortium for North American Higher Education Collaboration, Session Organizer/Chair
1997   Association of International Educational Administrators, Session Organizer/Chair
1996   American Anthropological Association, Session Organizer/Chair
1994   Society for Applied Anthropology, Session Organizer/Chair
1993   Northwest Anthropological Conference, Program Co-chair
1992   Latin American Studies Association, Session Organizer/Chair
1991   Latin American Studies Association, Session Organizer/Chair
1988   American Anthropological Association, Session Organizer/Chair
1981   American Anthropological Association, Session Organizer/Chair

Professional Memberships

  • American Anthropological Association (Fellow/life member)
  • American Ethnological Association (Fellow)
  • Latin American Studies Association (Fellow)
  • Society for Applied Anthropology (Sustaining Fellow)
  • Society for Latin American Anthropology

Community Service – Local, National, and International

2005-2016   Bellingham Human Rights Film Festival: Co-Organizer, annual 10-day series

2007-2016   Bellingham Sister Cities Association:  Member of the Board

2016  Help Wanted, Keep Out: The Dualism in U.S. Immigration Policy. Keynote, Cityclub of Bellingham

2015         Children on the Move.  Instructor through Academy for Lifelong Learning

2014         En Memoriam – Howard Harris (1917-2014), Bellingham WA

2013         Humane Migration.  Instructor through Academy for Lifelong Learning, Nov 12-19

2010         National Leadership Conference, Pastoral Maya, Omaha

2009         “South by Southeast: Learning from Small Communities in India and Thailand.” Bellingham Parks & Recreation Travelogue Series

2008         “Immigration Policy in Light of the World Economy.” Keynote address, League of Women Voters, Immigration Forum.

2007-08   “Understanding Global Migration” and “Keys to Understanding Contemporary Mexico.” Great Decisions Forum, Bellingham

2007         Encuentro Nacional de Lideres de la Comunidad Maya, Kennesaw, GA: invited discussant

2007       IV Congreso Internacional sobre el Pop Wuj para la Paz y la Democracia, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala: invited participant

2007       “Conversatorio.” Rija’tzuul Na’ooj Community Library, San Juan la Laguna, Guatemala

2007         “Spain: Crucible of Cultures.” Bellingham Parks & Recreation Travelogue Series

2006         “Jordan, Israel and Palestine:  Holy Land – In Peace or Pieces?” Bellingham Parks & Recreation Travelogue Series

2005         “Learning in Ladakh.” Bellingham Parks & Recreation Travelogue Series

2004         “The Human Rights of Migration in a Global Age.” Whatcom Human Rights Task Force, keynote address

  • Opinion editorials, commentary, photographs: Miami Herald, Los Angeles Times,

Cleveland Plain Dealer, Los Angeles Herald Examiner, Bellingham Herald, Baseball Weekly, Vista, Cascadia Weekly, Community Food Co-op Newsletter

1982-03   Guatemala Scholars Network: Steering Committee

2002         “Where in the World is Fernando de Noronha? Panoramic Secrets of South America.” Bellingham Parks & Recreation Travelogue Series

  • “Comparative Religion: Death and Grieving.” Northwest Indian College
  • Human rights monitor, El Salvador: 20th anniversary commemoration of killings of North American church women, photographic documentation of rural reconstruction
  • “The Maya Diaspora.” Meet Our Authors, Village Books, Bellingham

2000         Regional Workshop on  Indigenous Communities and Protected Areas (convened by the Consejo Indígena Centroamericano), and National Roundtable on Guatemalan Migration; Guatemala City, Dec. 7-9 (invited participant)

2000         “Children’s Rights: Challenges and Opportunities.” Bellingham Human Rights Film Festival

1999         Maya Family Law Workshop – El Rescate Legal and Social Services, at Loyola Law School, Los Angeles: co-organizer

1997         “Issues and Impacts of Hispanic Cultures.” Latino Fest, Bellingham

1995-97   Bellingham Sister Cities Association: Member of the Board

1985-93   Archbishop Oscar Romero Relief Fund, Humanitarian Law Project, Office of the Americas: member of Board of Directors of each organization

  • Mayor’s Advisory Committee on Central American Refugees, City of Los Angeles

1986-87   Office of the Americas: leader of delegations to Nicaragua focusing on popular education

University Service – Western Washington University

International Program Development

1994-2016  Arranged/hosted international speakers, visitors, and films: from Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia

2016            Faculty, “Himalaya Cultures and Conservation, WWU/Institute for Village Studies:  India

2012, 2013  Faculty, “Himalaya Ecology and Cultures, WWU/Institute for Village Studies:  India

2012            Faculty, “Ecotourism and Community Development,” WWU/Crooked Trails:  Peru

2011            Faculty, Center for Service Learning-WWU, Field Course: Kenya

2009            Faculty, WWU/Institute for Village Studies: Thailand and India

2003-06      Study abroad site evaluations:  Mexico, Belize, Cuba, Czech Republic, Italy

2006            Faculty, Northwest Consortium for Study Abroad: Oviedo, Spain

2006            Faculty, Experiencing the U.S./Mexico Border through Education, Prescott College & Cochise Community College: Arizona

2005            Northwest Consortium for Study Abroad:  WWU representative

2004            Faculty, Institute for Village Studies: Ladakh, India

2003            Faculty, Institute for Village Studies: Belize

1998            Faculty, Northwest Consortium for Study Abroad: Morelia, Mexico

1997            “International Studies at Western Washington University,“ Report to the Provost

1996-97      Border Pact Conference, American Council on Education, San Diego/Tijuana; Western Interstate Consortium on Higher Education, San Francisco; International Student Exchange Program, Washington DC: WWU representative

1995-97      WWU representative for site visits: Australia, Japan, China, Costa Rica, New Zealand

University Policy and Interdisciplinary Cooperation

  1. Advisory Boards – Current Member of Board or Affiliate

American Cultural Studies; Center for Cross-Cultural Psychology; Center for Educational Equity and Diversity; Center for Law, Diversity, and Justice; Institute for Salish Sea Studies; Sustainability Academy; Woodring College of Education, Social Studies; World Issues Forum

  1. Advisory Boards – Past

2005-2009  Academic Freedom Taskforce

2001-05      Faculty Senate:  President (2003-04), Parliamentarian (2002-03), Executive Council

1999-2003  International Programs Advisory Committee

1991-96      Third World Studies faculty group

1993-94      Chair, Department of Anthropology, Western Washington University

Student Advising

Departmental advisor – Applied anthropology, Anthropology/Social Studies (since 1990)

Principle advisor – Latin American Studies (since 1993)

Faculty advisor – Students for Sustainable Water (2011-13)

Transfer advisor – Academic Advising Center (1991-2010)

Principal advisor – International Studies minor (1993-2008); supervised 20+ theses

Minority International Research Training – campus advisor (1995-97)

Fulbright Commission – campus contact (1994-97)

Curriculum Development:  Courses/Concentrations Created

2014, 2016  Blended/Online Course Development and Design Workshops

2010            Global Ethics

2009            Field Course in Ethnography:  South/Southeast Asia

2006-07      Children of a Changing World; Disposable People; Globaloney: Reaffirming Ecocultural Ethics; Borderblur: Transnational Transformations in the Americas

2005            Human Rights, World Visions

2002            Field Course in Ethnography:  instructed 6-wk program in Ladakh, northern India

2003            International Human Rights

2000            Borderlands (Anth 476)

2000            Social and Environmental Justice (Honors 354)

1996            Minor in International Studies

1995            Introduction to Global Studies (IS201/GUR)

1994            Native American Experience (ACS202/GUR)

1992            International Migration (Anth 475)

1991            Minor in Native American Studies (co-authored with Dan Boxberger and John Purdy)

1991            Applied Anthropology (Anth 480)

1991            Cross-Cultural Education (Anth 484)

1991            Peoples of Latin America (Anth 365/GUR)

1990            Peoples of Mexico/Central America (Anth 465)

1990            Psychological Anthropology (Anth 482)

Collaborative & Campus Learning

ongoing   Workshops in classes, guest lectures, discussant: Dept. of Anthropology, Anthropology Club-WWU, other WWU departments and institutes:  on professional development (blended learning, portfolio design, getting published, research and writing skills, ethics), world issues

ongoing   Student fieldtrips – to Vancouver (multiethnic communities), Skagit Valley (migrant labor and bilingual education), Sto:lo Nation (B.C.), elsewhere in Pacific NW

2000-16  2011    “Robert Davidson, Haida Artist: A 40-Year Perspective”

2009        “Recent Initiatives in the Caribbean,” Chair/discussant, WWU Faculty panel (Oct 12.)

2009        Writing Instruction Workshop, North Cascades Institute (Sept. 8-10)

2007        “The Justice of Food,” World Injustice Awareness Club, Keynote address.

2006        “Toward a Sane and Humane Immigration Policy,” Political Science Association

  • “Experiencing Ladakh,” Dept. of Anthropology/Anthropology Club

2004        “Migration in a Global Age,” AS Productions Social Issues, Panel on Immigration

2004        “Getting Published,” Scholars Week.

  • “Holy Land: Peace or in Pieces?” World Issues Forum
  • “Between the Lines,” Center for Instructional Innovation (organizer/facilitator of quarter-long media discussion series)
  • “Collaborating for the Common Good,” Teaching-Learning Academy
  • A New American Century? Co-organizer, Full-week “Teach In”
  • “Western Reflects,” Moderator for campus forum on events of September 11
  • “Maya Cultural Resurgence: Changing Identities, Enduring Struggle” – BFR/Sigma Xi